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Three Common Garage Door Transmitter Issues

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If your garage door has broken down and needs servicing, there’s a good chance it might not be the door at all—it could be a problem with one of your transmitters. Read on to learn more about what might be causing such an issue and what you can do about it! #1: The power source for your transmitter is dead or has been interrupted. There are two halves to the transmitter: one on the wall of your garage near the garage door, and the other in your car. Read More»

Garage-Door Repairs: Maintenance Tips to Avoid Them

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You garage door is not simply for the convenience of giving your car an entryway into your home. Garage doors also come with the added advantages of enhancing the security of your home as well as the aesthetics of the premises. Nevertheless, despite these functionalities, homeowners tend to underappreciate their garage doors. Therefore, neglect leads to premature garage-door repairs that could prove quite costly as well as inconvenient in the long run. Read More»

A Few Options You Have for Commercial Garage Doors

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The door you have to your production facility, auto repair garage, and other such location is very important, as you may need it to operate rapidly in order to maintain the interior temperature or may want something for protecting against risks to your building in particular. When you are having a facility built or need a new commercial garage door, you would do well to note your options so you choose something that will work for your location in particular. Read More»

Garage Door Tales: Motors And Your Needs

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The garage door motor may be a small component of a residential garage door system. However, the small size should not be taken to mean that the motor is has “little” importance. There are various factors to think about when looking to invest in a new garage door motor. This article provides information on the best type of garage door motor with respect to the varying needs of today’s homeowner. Read More»

How to Keep Your Garage Door Safe With Pets Around

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You rely on your garage door to work properly and not break or injure someone else, but this isn’t always the case. With pets that hang out around your garage, there is the risk that they will get injured from a faulty garage door. With these safety tips, you can reduce the risk considerably. Have a Safety Sensor Installed Many newer garage doors already come with this technology, but if your garage door doesn’t have one, now is a good time for an upgrade. Read More»

What You Need To Know About Garage Doors

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The garage door of your house is a moving part that needs to be inspected and maintained from time to time. No matter your opening system, from chain drive to belt drive, it is important to maintain garage doors for smooth operations. As a homeowner, you might have questions regarding garage doors and their functioning. This article discusses a few questions about the garage doors and their functionality. 1. What type of maintenance is required for garage doors? Read More»

Troubleshooting Garage Doors | Top 3 Reasons Why Your Door Won't Work

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Garage doors go through a lot in a typical day. Every time you drive in and out of it, so many internal movements occur, and that’s why these doors eventually succumb and break down. However, some cases are fairly simple and can be troubleshot without any hassle. So if you’ve got a garage door, here are some of the three common faults that you can easily troubleshoot. Opener makes a grinding noise                                                  Read More»