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A Few Options You Have for Commercial Garage Doors

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The door you have to your production facility, auto repair garage, and other such location is very important, as you may need it to operate rapidly in order to maintain the interior temperature or may want something for protecting against risks to your building in particular. When you are having a facility built or need a new commercial garage door, you would do well to note your options so you choose something that will work for your location in particular. Note a few choices here.

Fire doors

Many commercial doors needs to be fire rated, meaning that they need to resist a fire or certain high temperatures. However, garage fire doors are a bit different than interior fire doors, as garage doors are sometimes left open during business hours. This can mean feeding a fire with all that oxygen from the outside and allowing it to spread outside the building. A fire garage door can mean one that closes shut automatically if the temperature inside reaches a certain level; it can also be wired into the building's smoke or fire detectors and close when they sense a fire. This can keep a fire from spreading and even choke it out if there is not enough oxygen for it to continue to burn.

Traffic doors

These doors are meant for high-traffic areas such as loading docks where forklift traffic is continuous. They are often made of fabric, as this allows for more "give" in case the forks of a forklift should hit the door; the fabric will simply bend and stretch, whereas a metal door might dent and require repair. These doors may even be made of fabric strips that a forklift can drive right through; this can mean less chance of heating or air conditioning escaping out an open door and not having to wait for the door to open.

Rapid doors

These are doors that open close automatically, and they do so very quickly. Rapid roll doors can better maintain an interior temperature, which is often needed in cold storage areas or for buildings in extreme climates. They are often made of fabric, as this can bend and stretch more readily than metal, allowing the door to roll up quickly without damage. When choosing a rapid roll door, note the speed at which it will open and close and if you need to invest in one that does so very quickly, in order to maintain a certain cold storage temperature or even privacy inside your facility.