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What You Need To Know About Garage Doors

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The garage door of your house is a moving part that needs to be inspected and maintained from time to time. No matter your opening system, from chain drive to belt drive, it is important to maintain garage doors for smooth operations. As a homeowner, you might have questions regarding garage doors and their functioning. This article discusses a few questions about the garage doors and their functionality.

1. What type of maintenance is required for garage doors?

It is always suggested that, for any kind of maintenance, you should consult a certified professional who should do the following:

  • Inspect the rollers and replace those that have been broken.  
  • Have your exterior part of the door painted to protect it from external elements.
  • Lubricate the hinges for the smooth functioning of the garage doors.  

2. What should you know about the durability of the garage door?

Garage doors have springs with a cycle of one full closing and opening action. To maintain proper balance, all springs need to be regularly replaced. Also, garage doors require proper maintenance including lubrication of bearings, rollers, pulleys and springs at least once a year. Properly balanced doors should not stop midway and should not drift up or down if operated manually. While using automated garage doors with the help of garage door remote control, you can learn to manage the opening and closing of doors with less effort, and this will save time.

3. What should you learn about the safety of garage doors?

Extension Springs: Extension springs balance the garage door. They are mounted on the horizontal track, positioned perpendicular to the door. If the extension springs break, they can cause serious injury.

Garage Remote Controls: A push button, garage door remotes and entry pads are some of the controllers used to operate the garage door openers.

Rope Pulls and Lifts: Pull ropes allow you to open the door manually. While closing or opening the door manually, be careful to keep away your fingers from the door mid-sections.

Your garage door remote controls have many features that require frequent monitoring. While using garage remote controls, it is important to check for any object or person in the pathway of the door. Also, all garage door openers must use optic sensors. Garage companies also suggest the frequent test of the garage remote controls. If you hear any scraping, grinding, or whirling sound it indicates a problem in the motor, gears, and sliding system. To rectify the cause, you should call a qualified service technician