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DIY Tips for Properly Installing a Panel Garage Door Opener

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Panel garage door openers should function in optimal condition if you want to derive full benefits. However, there are two ways to go about it. The first is to hire the services of a professional garage door repair person. The advantage of hiring is that you get your opener installed within a short time and the work is done professionally. Additionally, if the opener fails within a given period, you can call the service provider again and have the opener looked at free of charge. Read More»

How to Perform a Safety Check on Your Automatic Garage Door

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The garage door is undoubtedly one of the largest moving fixtures in the home. With this comes an increased risk of accidents and injuries as one operates the door. Whether you have children and pets in your home, it is important to perform regular safety checks on your garage door. This will ensure that the door does not pose a safety risk to its users. Here you will learn some of the critical checks that you should perform to maintain a safe and functional garage door. Read More»