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Garage Door Tales: Motors And Your Needs

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The garage door motor may be a small component of a residential garage door system. However, the small size should not be taken to mean that the motor is has "little" importance.

There are various factors to think about when looking to invest in a new garage door motor. This article provides information on the best type of garage door motor with respect to the varying needs of today's homeowner.

The Need To Spend The Least

You may find it necessary to invest in a new garage door motor at the worst of financial times. For example, an existing motor may experience mechanical failure before your next pay cheque. To avoid the security risks associated with having a non-operational garage door opener, you're forced to replace the motor regardless of your current financial situation.

If spending as little as possible on a garage door motor is among your main objectives, go for a chain-drive motor. These motors feature a chain similar to the one used in bicycles, a trolley, and a J-arm. The chain is used to pull or push the trolley, which is connected to the J-arm. The J-arm is a bar of metal attached to the door, which opens/closes the door when the trolley is pulled or pushed.

Chain-drive garage door motors are often the most affordable type of garage door motors in the market.

The Need For Less Noise

Chain-drive garage door motors are often the noisiest due to the operation of the bicycle-like chain. Homeowners who have a slightly higher budget for their motor and a greater need for a less-noisy garage door should invest in a belt-dive motor. In a belt-drive motor, the bicycle-like chain used in chain-drives is replaced with a flexible belt of rubber. This makes for quieter operation of the garage door.

Have it in mind that the noisy operation of a garage door motor means that it's more difficult for someone to gain forcefully entry through the garage door without you hearing.

The Need To Save Space

Many times, homeowners are forced to sacrifice ceiling space in their garage for the installation of chain-drive and belt-drive garage door motors.

Investing in a jackshaft garage door motor is perhaps the best way to avoid making this sacrifice. This is because jackshaft motors are installed on the wall adjacent to a garage door as opposed to being installed in the ceiling. If you want the garage ceiling to yourself (e.g. for extra storage space), get a jackshaft motor.