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DIY Tips for Properly Installing a Panel Garage Door Opener

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Panel garage door openers should function in optimal condition if you want to derive full benefits. However, there are two ways to go about it. The first is to hire the services of a professional garage door repair person. The advantage of hiring is that you get your opener installed within a short time and the work is done professionally. Additionally, if the opener fails within a given period, you can call the service provider again and have the opener looked at free of charge. For DIY enthusiasts, going about the installation process yourself offers an opportunity to try out something new. This article highlights a few tips that you can employ when installing a panel garage door opener by yourself.

Check Door Balance

Given the nature of panel garage doors operation, it is important for you to check whether the garage door is balanced. You can test your garage door for balance by lifting it up and letting it down. If it falls or goes up on its own, then that is a sign of imbalance. The reason is that the torsion spring is out of place and needs to be adjusted. However, if you lift the door up and it maintains its position when you let it go, then you have a stable door. Installing the opener on an unbalanced door will place more tension on the opener thereby increasing the likelihood of damage over time.

Set Opener on Ladder

Once you have the manufacturer's manual for installation the opener, make sure that you place it on a ladder for ease of installation. As you measure your lengths, the ladder helps to hold the opener in position. Additionally, if you find the height of the opener too low, then you can insert scrap wood pieces below the opener to increase the installation height. The ladder also helps to align the opener's rail with the center of your tilt door. Once you are done, test the opener while it is still on the ladder so that it is easier to make adjustments.  Once you are satisfied, screw and bolt the opener accordingly then remove the ladder once done.

Use Strong Iron for Angle Iron

The amount of vibration on panel garage doors is usually higher than in other door designs. It is because the front panel has to go all the way to your garage's ceiling. For a properly secured opener, you must use the heavy-duty material for the angle iron instead of the flimsy materials manufacturers with the part. Once in place, the angle iron offers additional strength and reduces vibrations that might affect the opener in future.