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Automatic Garage Doors: Crucial Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Opener

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If you are planning on installing a new automatic garage door or updating your old structure, you should think about purchasing a suitable opener for smooth operation. An ideal opener will ensure that your garage door is opened and closed with ease, and it will provide advanced operational features to enhance security in your home. Here are practical tips to help you choose the best garage door opener for your residential needs.

Understand the Opener Types

You should evaluate and compare the different types of garage door openers on the market before selecting the right product. In general, these devices are classified according to the specific system used in operating the garage door. The traditional opener is known as the chain drive system. As implied, this unit uses a metal chain to facilitate the movement of the garage door. The simple design makes this type of opener economical for home use. However, the movement of the chain causes noise and vibrations.

The belt drive opener is designed as a quieter alternative to the chain drive system. This device works like the chain drive, but it uses a belt instead of a metal chain for operation. The strong belt will allow the garage door to open and close without the generation of unnecessary noise. If noise is a concern in your home, this choice is ideal. You can also choose the screw-drive opener which uses a threaded rod for operation or the direct drive opener which is powered directly by the device motor.

Consider the Horsepower

You should look at the horsepower ratings of different garage door models to compare the lifting power of the different openers on the market. The products on the market with low horse power are inexpensive and intended for residential use. However, you should not choose the lowest rating available for your home. In general, a more powerful door will operate your garage door with less effort. In addition, there will be less wear and tear. Also, if you have larger or heavier doors, you should look into openers with high horsepower ratings.

Check the Special Features

Finally, you should check the special features incorporated into your preferred garage door openers to promote efficiency, safety and convenience. An ideal opener should come with secure remotes and keypads for secure and simple access. Also, the setup should include a manual release for emergencies. You might also want to choose an opener which can be incorporate into your home automation system for exceptional connectivity and remote door control.