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Choosing the Right Gate for Your Home

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If you have a lavish country estate, a set of gates at the entrance of your property is sure to add elegance and sophistication. The question then becomes, what type of gate is best suited for your type of property? The answer will vary depending on your personality, style, tastes and of course, budget.

Most gate types come in a variety of colours and materials (iron, vinyl, wood, etc.) and the price will vary depending on the style and material you choose, along with any accessories you purchase.

Swing Gates

As the name suggests, these gates swing open and you can choose whether they swing inward or outward. They can be double or single gates and they come in a variety of colours and materials. They can be solid doors for complete privacy, or be fitted with slats for visibility. Customise your look with latches, bolts and hinges. Swing gates are easy to operate and maintain. Some materials, such as wood, can be painted to suit any colour you choose. This makes it easy when it comes time to redecorate your exterior.

Sliding Gates

These tend to require a bit more room and can be bulkier than their swing gate counterparts. The sliding portion of the gate will need to fit on either the inside or outside of the fixed portion of the gate. These also come in a variety of styles and colours to suit your tastes and exterior of your home. The mechanisms, while durable, can require more maintenance as the latches and tracks can get caught on occasion.

Garage Doors

These can be customised to match the style and colour of the gates to give your home a more uniform look. For an ultra-modern touch, the garage door can be fitted to open automatically when the gates open. 


A number of accessories are available regardless of which gate type you choose. From simple bolts, handles and latches to keyless entry systems, even the smallest accessory can transform the look of your gate or door.

In order to choose the right type of door for your home, you need to look at your own personal style and tastes. Visit a showroom or look online for the different styles and choose one that fits the best. For example, a Victorian style sliding gate would suit a Victorian-style home, but may not look as good on a more modern, contemporary style. That doesn't mean, though, that you can't be creative and design a look that is unique.