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Simple Security Tips That Most Homeowners Overlook

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Adding security to your home doesn't always need to involve a high-tech alarm system or making your home look and feel like a prison. Today's options for homeowners are often simple and unobtrusive, so that you can easily keep out intruders and keep yourself safe inside while not detracting from the overall look of your home's interior or exterior. If you're concerned about your home's security, note a few simple tips for making it safer and for protecting your property and your family.

1. Securing an attached garage

An attached garage can be a favorite point for thieves as it gives them privacy, so they can take their time in trying to pick the lock or break the window of your back door. To secure your attached garage, reinforce the windows with chicken wire or metal mesh screens on the back of the windows. Add a deadbolt to the garage entry door, if the garage has one. Add a heavy-duty deadbolt to the inside of the garage door itself so it cannot be easily opened. This will keep this area more secure and protected from potential intruders.

2. Securing a door wall

A patio door wall is also a favorite entry point for thieves as the locks on these doors are often very thin and flimsy. The door is then often easy to pry open with a crowbar, and if there is no alarm connectd to it, a thief can easily slip into the home through this entry.e

It's good to add a security bar to one side of the door wall so it can't be opened with the bar in place, and even add a security screen over this door so that you have another layer of security. A security screen door can be made of thicker metal with a stronger lock that cannot be easily pried open, and can allow you to keep the door wall open during the day while still keeping you secure.

3. Adding security to windows

 A window lock is usually very thin and lightweight and easy to pry open or simply break off its screws. Screens often do nothing to add security to the windows, which in turn means you're not very secure when you have the windows open during the day. Security screens with thick locks can be harder for a thief to open and can be locked during the day when you want to keep windows open. The thicker metal of a security screen is harder to cut and also adds a layer of security over the windows.

Contact a professional, such as Aus Secure, in order to learn more ways to keep your home safe using security screens.